Making Your Voice Deeper – Surgery, Pills Or Training?

Having a voice problem can steal your social status and reduce your social power. A man with a deep crisp consistent voice typically gets credibility and trust even if they don’t deserve it simply because to the human ear, a deep crisp voice sounds sincere. It is true to a certain extent, that voice timber […]

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Screaming Into A Pillow To Make Voice Deeper – The Best Deep Voice Training Tips And Tricks?

There are many things you can do to deepen your voice. Screaming into a pillow to make your voice deeper is just one of the many deep voice training tips which you can find on the internet. But can this method really work and give you the desired voice pitch you are looking for? I […]

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Digital Voice Recorder – Amazing Reading Resource for Kids

The University of Miami Myaamia Language Learning Project is a great example of the ways a Digital Voice Recorder can be used with the Sound Stickers app to help children learn a language and learn to read. Using audio stickers in the home or in school to help children learn a language by translating the […]

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