The Best Cheap Beginner Drone?! Arris X220 Pro V2 Racing Quad BNF

My Honest Review of this Arris X220 Pro V2 Racing Edition BNF
This is part 1 look out for part two with the tear down and flight soon!

This thing is a good deal guys seriously, you can pick it up here

Strong consctuction
High quality name brand parts
Cheap price ( cant even buy the parts for that cheap)
Quality cut and chamfer job on the carbon Fiber
Plug And Play features, Makes it easy to work on and replace parts!
Comes with everything you need besides batteries and controller, Unless you get the version without the Receiver.
Solid Battery cable mounting location
Top OR Bottom mount your battery

Can’t fit a GoPro on top with a Battery
The bottom mounting of the Battery is an after thought and kind of difficult.


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