The Founder of Pilates

Pilates is an incredible exercise that has become extremely popular. It is an exercise that anyone can do no matter what your level of physical condition is. It is designed to stretch, strengthen and balance your body. It is a great exercise but do you know how Pilates got its start? Read this article and find out.

Pilates was started by the man who gave it its name, Joseph Pilates. Joseph Pilates began to teach his own exercise program during World War I in England. Forced into an internment camp he taught his exercise program, which combined Yoga and ancient Roman techniques, to fellow internees. At the time he called the program Controlology. Later Pilates' wife, a nurse, would modify his exercise program so that injured patients would be able to use it. She helped make it what it is today. A well designed exercise program that anyone can do regardless of physical conditioning. Joseph Pilates past away in 1967 but he is far from forgotten.

Today, Pilates remains very popular. Every day more and more people take it up. It is practiced in all parts of the world from America to Canada to Europe and all the way to Asia. So if you are looking to take up a new exercise regimen, you should give Pilates a try.

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