The Gas Helicopter Vs the Electric Helicopter

I am very enthusiastic about flying and building Remote Controlled Helicopters, and enjoy working with both The Gas Helicopter and the Electric Helicopter.

The Electric Remote Control Helicopter

The last Electric Remote Control Helicopter I purchased was the Twister Medevac Bell 47. The classic war helicopter made famous by the seventies comedy drama show 'MASH'.

The Twister Medevac Bell 47 is a great Electric Remote Control Helicopter and is good for beginners and experts alike. It comes RTF (ready to fly) out of the box and with a little practice – flies like a dream. The reason it is so easy to fly is due to the co-axial design of the blades. It has two main sets of blades, one above the, that turn in opposite directions and because of this a tail rotor blade is not necessary. All in all it gives a great flying experience.

This model is now mainly unavailable, but never fear there is a new Electric Remote Control Helicopter available which is the same design.

Introducing the ESKY Lama 2 V3 Electric Remote Control Helicopter. This is a great Helicopter and is the same design as the Twister Medevac Bell 47.

In conclusion the Electric Remote Control Helicopter is affordable and easy to fly with a little practice and is enjoyed by beginners and experts alike, with the added advantage of coming RTF out of the box, especially if all you want to do is enjoy the flying without getting involved with the building.

The Remote Control Gas Helicopter

When entering the world of the Gas helicopter, there is a lot more to think about.

Are you serious about Flying Remote Controlled Helicopters?

Are you in it for the long haul?

I do not mean to sound so serious, but when entering the world of the Gas Helicopter you will be spending a lot more time and money, and need to make sure its what you want to do.

A good entry level Gas Helicopter is the Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V2 ARF. It come 90% built and does not cost a fortune, which is great for your first project.

Although the Raptor 30 V2 ARF is widely recognized as an entry level Gas Helicopter, it is still capable of some excellent maneuvers and 3D flying. It is not only used by beginners but by experts as well. It is also so has a wide range of spares available and is easily upgradable.

In conclusion the Gas Helicopter gives you a much better flying experience but is for someone who is serious about flying and is in it for some time to come.

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