TRNDlabs Nano Drone with Camera Review

The TRNDlabs Nano Drone is a tiny little drone with a 480p camera. The video quality is good but the control ? No so much. See more drones here: and subscribe here!


0:02 – Hardware overview
1:09 – Footage of drone flying
4:02 – Footage from drone’s camera (upconverted to 1080p)
4:42 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The $69 drone does output somewhat decent SD video footage but the controls on it are terrible. The drone will not hover on its own and it require very precise control just to stay up in the air. Even when hovering is (somewhat) mastered it tends to drift to the point that it will crash – and crash frequently.

It’s not well built either. Mine broke within the first few hours of playing with it. If you’re not ready to buy at least two of these $69 drones, perhaps look elsewhere.

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